The Best Movies & TV Shows on Netflix This Weekend

As March 2022 continues, Netflix is offering historical epics and time-bending movies and television series. Here’s what to watch this weekend.

Netflix continues to pull out all the stops to compile an impressive list of television and film programming while crafting its own top-tier original content. March boasts its own array of sweeping historical dramas and time-bending science fiction, with all-star casts and drawing from production companies all over the world to bring thrilling, new movies and shows to international audiences. And with summer movie season rapidly looming on the horizon, Netflix can more than compete with other streaming outlets and linear releases.

Here are all the best TV shows and films coming to Netflix the second week of March, both in regards to original programming available on the digital platform and popular shows and movies coming to the streaming service.

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The Adam Project Mixes Heart With Sci-Fi

Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project

After working together with the popular action comedy Free Guy last year, filmmaker Shawn Levy and star Ryan Reynolds are reuniting for the sci-fi film The Adam Project. Reynolds heads an all-star cast as a fighter pilot from decades into the future who travels back to 2022 and meets his twelve-year-old self. Joining forces, the time-displaced duo scrambles to save the future from an impending crisis.

Early reviews for The Adam Project have praised the movie’s cast, with Reynolds bringing more heart than expected for standard big-budget sci-fi fare. The film channels a bygone era of movies, prevalent in the 1980s, that blended suburban heart with hard science fiction as Reynolds’ character faces unresolved issues from his childhood head-on while the entire space-time continuum hangs in the balance.

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Good Girls’ Gripping Story Has Come To an End

After four seasons, the crime comedy series Good Girls came to an end this past September on NBC and the final season has come to Netflix. Good Girls follows a group of three suburban housewives in Michigan who decide to rob their local supermarket as they struggle to put food on the table and pay the bills. However, the amateur larcenists discover the supermarket is a front for the mob, leading to an escalating set of consequences.

By the start of Good Girls Season 4, the women had set up a money-laundering scheme while they continue to descend into a fresh wave of paranoia and betrayal over their double lives. To complicate matters further, the authorities begin to close in on their growing criminal enterprise. Critical acclaim Good Girls has remained consistently strong since the second season, with Netflix audiences now able to see how the gripping story ends.

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The Last Kingdom Expands Its Bloody War


The epic historical drama The Last Kingdom comes to an end this month with its fifth season, covering the war for the British Isles in the tenth century. Adapting The Saxon Stories novel series by Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom chronicles the Anglo-Saxons’ ongoing battles against Viking raiders across England. Boasting an enormous cast the final season is set to determine the fate of Great Britain with fire and blood.

Initially produced by the BBC, Netflix picked up The Last Kingdom with its third season, noticeably picking up the production value. While The Last Kingdom Season 5 is poised to wrap the television series, a continuation film Seven Kings Must Die is slated to go into principal photography this year. In the meantime, Season 5 expands the war between the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings with a ten-episode in a season.

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Legends of Tomorrow Saves the Best for Last

The Arrowverse’s long-running time-traveling series Legends of Tomorrow has just wrapped its seventh season, saying farewell to one of its fan-favorite characters, several surprising returns and the introduction of a popular DC superhero to cross paths with the Legends as they continue to defend the Arrowverse’s prime timeline. And now Netflix audiences can watch the season in all its wacky glory, touring Arrowverse history.

For a season that deals so heavily with the concept of history, Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 brings in concepts and guest stars from the show’s extensive history to great effect. With its most expansive cast and epic story yet, Season 7 celebrates Legends of Tomorrow and potentially closes out the Arrowverse series for good since there has been no official renewal notice to date from The CW.

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The Andy Warhol Diaries Shows off a New Side of the Artist

the Andy Warhol diaries

One of the most influential artists in the 20th century is Andy Warhol, who propelled pop art into the international mainstream while leading a memorably eccentric lifestyle. The life and times of Warhol are explored in the six-episode miniseries The Andy Warhol Diaries, which aptly delves into Warhol’s diaries that he began keeping after he was shot and nearly killed in 1968.

Helmed by American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy, The Andy Warhol Diaries not only chronicles Warhol’s journal entries but also interviews those who knew the enigmatic artist personally. Apart from archive footage, Warhol’s presence is evoked in the documentary through an artificial intelligence program that recreates Warhol’s voice to read his diary entries as a sort of ghost from the past.

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