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‘Brilliant’ Beldray Steam Cleaner that ‘takes the effort out’ of cleaning – £34.99 at Aldi

Once you try steam mopping, you’ll never go back. The first time you see how much dirt comes off your co-called ‘clean’ floors, the power of a steam mop will see you become a lifelong convert.

Buy: Aldi (£34.99)

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The Beldray Steam Cleaner is one of Aldi’s most coveted Specialbuys, and with a £34.95 price point and a long list of rave reviews, it’s easy to see why.

Buy: Aldi (£34.99)

The functional, multi-use cleaning tool is ready to use within 25 seconds and will give you 15 minutes of continuous steam.

While tiles and wooden floors may be what you think of when you’re considering the kinds of flooring this kind of device works on – this model can also work its magic on the carpet as it is a multi-surface cleaning tool.

Despite the extremely reasonable price point, one reviewer said it was “the best steam mop I’ve ever bought, it’s extremely powerful and very easy to use”.

They added: “The pads are brilliant as they are strong and very thick, the best quality I’ve ever had.”

Buy: Aldi (£34.99)

Another shopper, who has owned steam mops in the past, said the Beldray model is a “brilliant product and so much better than my last one, great cleaning and very powerful”.

Another said this steam mop had made their cleaning routine a whole lot easier. They said: “This is a super mop. It takes all the effort out of what is usually a heavy chore for me.

“The dual tank is a great idea, and the mop head actually gets into places that the other delta-head mops can not.”

Another added that “my wooden floors have never looked so clean”.

You can buy the Beldray Steam Mop for £34.99 at Aldi here.

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