FaZe Booya makes Warzone’s Kilo 141 “absolutely beam” with one unique change

With Warzone Pacific’s mid-Season 2 update looming, we’re looking at when we can expect the Season 3 update, and what it’s expected to include.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 has been one of the game’s best-received seasons, with the changes to both Vanguard Royale and Caldera going down extremely well with the community. More changes are expected in the mid-Season 2 update, but then Season 3 will be the next major content drop.

Here’s everything we know about Warzone Pacific Season 3 so far, including its start date and expected content.

Battle Pass skin Warzone Pacific Season 2

When does Warzone Pacific Season 3 start? Season 2 end date

If there are no delays, Warzone Pacific Season 3 is set to go live on April 26, 2022. While Raven Software won’t reveal the exact date until later in the season, looking at when the Season 2 Battle Pass expires all but confirms the date.

But, Warzone Pacific Season 2 was delayed by a fortnight, so don’t be too surprised if Raven Software choose to delay Season 3 slightly as well.

Bomber Plane in Warzone Pacific Season 2

What will Warzone Pacific Season 3 include?

Raven Software have been playing their cards close to their chest with Warzone Pacific Season 3, but Call of Duty seasons usually have the same foundation of content.

Here’s everything we expect to see in Warzone Pacific Season 3:

  • New Battle Pass
  • New weapons
  • New Operators
  • Caldera map changes
  • New/revamped game modes
  • Themed-event with in-game rewards
  • Bug fixes
  • Weapon balance updates

Aside from all of this new content, we can also expect adjustments for directional footstep audio. Speaking to content creators and the press back in February, alongside announcing Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, Raven Software confirmed that footstep audio adjustments are planned for the Season 3 update.

Also, a Godzilla vs Kong event has been leaked for Warzone, and if it’s true, we could see the two classic movie monsters battle it out in Caldera during Season 3.

That’s everything we know about Warzone Pacific Season 3 so far, but we’ll keep you updated as more information is released.

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