Guy Verhofstadt berated after branding Brexit a loss ‘UK no longer listens to his rants!’

The MEP declared that the UK and the EU “would have been stronger together today” had the UK not left the bloc. He also suggested that the UK would be welcomed back into the EU in the future. But Britons hit out at the Belgian politician, with RAF Veteran Mike Mason saying the UK is “happy to no longer being subjected to his rants”.

Mr Mason tweeted: “Verhofstadt says Brexit was a loss to the World.

“Maybe to his World; maybe to the bank balance of his bureaucracy; maybe to the military strength of the EU.

“For the UK we are happy no longer being subjected to his rants, his overpowering EU laws and increasing demands for money.”

Many readers agreed, with one describing Mr Verhofstadt’s comments as “baloney”.

Teuchtar1 wrote: “All this baloney from Verhofstadt is because the EU has lost its golden goose handing money over to supplement their failures.

“Hard lines it is clear that you like most of the EU apparatchiks hate the concept of democracy and the voters giving clear instructions.

“We have left for good and never to return as I suspect in a few years the whole edifice will come tumbling down.”

A second user said Mr Verhofstadt “needs a reality check”, adding: “For years the EU bad-mouthed the UK and just pushed on with its federalist agenda knowing full well we would not have it.”

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“Thought so – we wasted enough time and cash on French greed and German arrogance. No more!”

It comes after Mr Verhofstadt told LBC: “Brexit could have been totally different if, at a certain moment, Labour and Conservatives were ready to cooperate and to find a way out of Brexit.

“More in the sense of an association agreement, Norwegian style for example, then the cold Brexit we have now and I’m still continuing to think that in a world as we see today, with the aggression of Russia wouldn’t have been stronger today if UK was a part of the EU that I’m pretty sure.

“Brexit was a loss for everybody, for Britain and also for the European Union.

He added: “There will be in my opinion, a generation of young politicians in the UK, we will say, oh, look, let’s work together let’s enter in European Union and let’s change the European Union for the better.”

Presenter Nick Ferrari then asked the European politician if he thought the UK could “renew it’s membership of the European Union”.

Mr Verhofstadt replied: “Exactly, yeah, that’s, I can tell you I think that 90 percent of the European Parliament and the European politicians would would like that.”

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