Jeremy Clarkson inundated with praise as he hits back at ‘vegan-only’ question

Clarkson’s Farm presenter Jeremy Clarkson was inundated with praise on social media after hitting back at a question on veganism. The former Top Gear host gave a concise retort to one journalist asking about the council’s food selection. 

Jeremy, 61, and his girlfriend Lisa Hogan, 48, run Diddly Squat Farm with the help of local farming expert Kaleb Cooper, 22. 

The show Clarkson’s Farm, which follows Jeremy and company’s progress has been a huge hit for Amazon Prime. 

Meanwhile, the Diddly Squat Farm Shop Instagram account has amassed its own follower base of 728,000.

On the account, Lisa posted a video of boyfriend Jeremy being interviewed by one journalist who had a question about vegan food served by the council. 

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Mjn_pt commented: “Huge kudos for being there to support the country’s farmers Jeremy.” (sic) 

While Rob Tuffin suggested: “I’m all for vegan options. Chips are vegan. But why should everyone have to? Bizarre.” 

Sean added: “Well said. EVERYONE should have a choice. 

“I am more than happy for vegan choices to be in restaurants and supermarkets and to give people CHOICE but I want to be free to decide what I want as well. 

“It’s time vegans got off their high horses and respect how other people wish to live their lives. Jeremy Clarkson you’re the (G.O.A.T).”

Last year, Jeremy was named Farming Champion of the Year by the National Farmers’ Union for raising awareness on his show Clarkson’s Farm.

The series turned out to be a smash hit for the motor-enthusiast, even receiving positive reviews from the likes of Environment Secretary George Eustice.

The MP said: “I think that Jeremy Clarkson’s programme has done a huge amount to raise the profile of agriculture and some of the challenges it faces.”

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