Swiss edtech platform picks up €1.45 million for global rollout of research cloud workspace product

Swiss edtech startup Alphacruncher has raised €1.45 million funding from Austrian venture capital firm Alpine Equity, NGM, private investors and existing users. The funding will enable the global rollout of its education and research cloud workspace product, Nuvolos.

The startup is currently operating in the DACH region. According to the platform, Nuvolos bridges the gap between abstract concepts and everyday life, enabling teachers and students to use actual data and hands-on experience. Students engage, collaborate and interact in secure, browser-based scalable workspaces to build skills, including coding, problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork.

Talking about the new product, Alexandru Popescu, co-founder and CEO, Alphacruncher said: “The research workspace gives scientific researchers access to storage and cloud computing power. This means researchers can at last collaborate and work on scientific discovery in a secure and scalable, powerful workspace, no matter where they are.”

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