Cheltenham punters fume at ‘insane’ price of double gin and tonic in tiny plastic cup

The world-renowned race course has welcomed some 200,000 horse racing enthusiasts since the four-day festival started on Tuesday, March 15. Cheltenham Festival punters are well known for splashing the cash, betting on their favoured horses from the number of daily races on offer while enjoying the copious amounts of alcohol on site. But many have been left fuming by the extortionate prices of alcoholic drinks leaving a bitter taste in their mouths.

Several punters have taken to social media to complain they had to fork out a huge £14 for a double gin and tonic despite it coming in a miniscule plastic cup.

Twitter user “Footy Bevs” (@FootyBevs) posted one such picture, and wrote: “Gin and Tonic at Cheltenham Festival. £14 (yes, £14).”

The shocking price of the drink triggered raging responses from aghast social media users.

“Ben Taylor” (@_Ben_Taylor__) said: “This is when you look up take a deep breath then go what the f*** is wrong with this world.

“Hugo Drax” (@THEHugoDrax1979) added: “All these sorts of events literally take the p*** out of punters for food & drink.”

Fellow Twitter user “johncolf (@Johncolf) posted: “Rather drink my own p*** than pay that.

Pictures of drinks menus have been circulating on social media, showing a pint of Guinness, pint of Aspalls cider and a 500ml bottle of Doom Bar bitter all costing £7.

A pint of Carling lager priced at £6.90 and a 330ml bottle of “Premium Lager” costing £6.50.

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Twitter user “DERRICK” (@TWYFC) posted a picture of a pint of Guinness alongside the caption: “Happy Cheltenham day! Good to be back. Almost as expensive as a litre of diesel.”

Fellow Twitter user “michael oxley” (@MikeOxley) shared an image of an alcohol drinks menu from one of the tents at this year’s Cheltenham Festival.

“When you get to the Guinness tent, and you see the fun does not stop with their prices.”

“Gerard O Sullivan” @GerardNavillus replied: “That’s robbery! I presume the whiskey shot is the English 25ml couple of drops?”

Twitter user “1Jim (@Jim_W_1) replied to a picture of a drinks menu from the event, and wrote: “Drinks prices in the UK are insane.

“£15.99 for 1L Gordon’s Gin in Morriston. At the prices on the board would be £240 a bottle. 15x more expensive.

“Doom bar bitter £11 for 10 cans in Morrisons, per the board would be £70

“Its such a cash grab for literally the same liquid.”

A Cheltenham Racecourse spokesperson blamed some of the the high prices on items served on “inflation rises in relation to goods and labour”.

They insisted the prices are “comparable” to many other major events, with all profits injected back into British Horseracing.

The spokesperson said: “We work hard to absorb inflationary costs wherever we can.

“However, current inflation rises in relation to goods and labour have led to an increase in prices for some of the items we serve.

“Despite this our prices are comparable to other major events, with all our profits reinvested back into British Horseracing.”

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