Inside a DVLA car pound: Hundreds of seized cars await auction or scrapping

He said: “We get a range of emotions, some people are upset as they may have genuinely just forgotten, even though we’ve sent reminders, but we understand that people have busy lives.

“Then you’ve got the risk-takers, the chancers who think they can get away with it or you get the hardened evader, and obviously when they get caught you get the more aggressive people coming into the pounds then.”

He also said that there was “no real excuse” for people not paying car tax due to the ease of the Government website to use.

DVLA Chief Executive Julie Lennard agreed, adding: “This campaign has a clear message for anyone that delays or avoids taxing their vehicle. It really has never been easier to tax a vehicle, from using our 24/7 online service to direct debit options.”

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Tim Bradley

By Tim Bradley

As seen in: Daily Express, Daily Mirror, MSN UK, HuffPost UK, MyLondon, Competitor Magazine, Fire Engineering, Chicago Athlete Magazine

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