The Top 10 Most Popular Shows and Movies on Netflix Today, March 17

Sarma Melngailis, Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.

Sarma Melngailis, Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.


If you’re looking for something to watch, a good place to start is the Netflix Top 10 list, which will tell you what everyone’s talking about. On Thursday, March 17, The Adam Project continues to hold on to the No. 1 spot, but Bad Vegan, Netflix’s true crime docuseries about a restauranteur who got roped in with a scammer, comes in at No. 2 after premiering yesterday. It bumps Good Girls down to No. 3. Everything else is mostly the same as it has been all week, with the 2014 Liam Neeson thriller A Walk Among the Tombstones being the only other new addition to today’s list.

But of the Netflix Top 10, which shows and movies are actually worth watching? We break down the entire Netflix Top 10 list and guide you through what to binge and what to skip. We do the same for Netflix’s Top 10 TV shows, as well as Netflix’s Top 10 movies. We also have recommendations for the 50 best movies on Netflix and the 50 best TV shows on Netflix to watch right now. 

Based on Netflix’s Top 10 from Thursday, March 17

For fans of: Ryan Reynolds, time travel, 13 Going on 30 | Is it good?: It proves that there’s such a thing as too much Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds stars as Adam, a time-traveling pilot who crash lands in 2022 and teams up with his 12-year-old self (Walker Scobell) to save the future. The movie itself isn’t all that great, but it does have a 13 Going on 30 reunion going for it, as Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner play Young Adam’s parents. (Yesterday’s rank: 1)

For fans of: Stories about gaslighting, lasagnas with cucumber instead of pasta | Is it good?: It’s one of Netflix’s better true crime docs in recent memory

Netflix’s latest contribution to the season of scam TV is this true crime docuseries about the rise and fall of New York’s queen of vegan cuisine, Sarma Melngailis. Melngailis’ restaurant was a celebrity hotspot until she got into a relationship with a con man who allegedly convinced her that, among other things, he could make her dog immortal. She ultimately pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $1 million from her restaurant’s investors and staff. Even if you’re starting to get scammed out, you’ll want to check this one out, because it’s got real flavor. The series comes from Chris Smith, who produced Tiger King. (Yesterday’s rank: n/a) 

For fans of: Crime, people making bad decisions | Is it good?: It’s a true underrated gem

Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta play three working moms who decide to take their finances into their own hands by orchestrating and executing a grocery store robbery. You can imagine what kind of trouble that leads to. NBC canceled the series before it could wrap everything up, but at least all the episodes are finally available on Netflix. (Yesterday’s rank: 2) 

For fans of: Vikings (also Vikings), medieval times, men battling each other | Is it good?: It is!

The fifth and final chapter of The Last Kingdom continues the story of Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon), a warrior who was born a Saxon but raised as a Dane when the two groups were at war.  (Yesterday’s rank: 3)

For fans of: Toni Collette, moms with secrets | Is it good?: You want it to be a lot better than it is

After a woman (Bella Heathcote) sees her mother (Toni Collette) stop a gunman with ease, she attempts to figure out the truth of who her mom really is. Collette is so good at playing moms with dark pasts, but this thriller series never lives up to what she can do. (Yesterday’s rank: 4)

For fans of: Scammers, Shonda, silliness | Is it good?: It’s a lot of fun

This limited series is the first show superproducer Shonda Rhimes has created since Scandal, and the true story that got her to open up Final Draft again is a doozy. It’s the only-in-America-and-New-York-City-specifically saga of Anna Delvey, played by Ozark‘s Julia Garner, a wealthy German socialite who took New York society by storm in the mid 2010s — only it turned out she wasn’t wealthy or even technically German. She was a con artist who scammed various people and institutions out of hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to her nearly supernatural self-confidence. She became famous thanks to a bombshell New York Magazine story, the writing of which drives the plot of Inventing Anna, as journalist Vivian Kent (Anna Chlumsky) tries to answer the question, “Who is Anna Delvey?” (Yesterday’s rank: 5)

For fans of: Emotional manipulation, asking “did this really happen?” | Is it good?: Nah

You might know Tyler Henry, TV’s premier clairvoyant medium, as the “Hollywood Medium” from his E! reality series where he gave readings to celebrities. Now he’s on Netflix, giving readings to normal people, which is the basis for Life After Death. I’ve never bought into this guy’s whole deal, but I also don’t work at Netflix. (Yesterday’s rank: 6)

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For fans of: Liam Neeson, cops who have feelings | Is it good?: It’s a decent thriller

Liam Neeson stars as a former NYPD officer turned private detective whose latest case requires him to hunt down the people who killed a drug trafficker’s (Dan Stevens) wife. As he uncovers more details, he discovers that the crime is just one part of a larger, more dangerous web of murders and sets out to stop the men responsible. (Yesterday’s rank: n/a)

For fans of: Human drama, utter emotional chaos | Is it good?: If you enjoyed Season 1, you’ll enjoy Season 2

The reality dating sensation that was the biggest show in America right before the pandemic started is finally back for a second season. The premise now is the same as it was then: A bunch of single people are sequestered in a house where they meet potential romantic partners. They get to know each other while talking for hours in pods where they can’t see each other. Some of them get engaged, and then we follow them as they try to make it work outside of the pods and prepare for their weddings. It drops in batches of episodes over the course of a few weeks, each covering a different part of the process. It’s a fascinating social experiment with jaw-dropping surprises and wild characters (I will never forget Jessica from Season 1, who gave her dog wine on camera). (Yesterday’s rank: 7)

For fans of: Feeling great about your own living situation | Is it good?: If you like true crime, you’ll probably enjoy this

This true crime docuseries is, as the title suggests, about four of the worst roommates ever, telling four separate accounts of roommates who — surprise! — turned out to be con artists and killers. (Yesterday’s rank: 8)

The Best TV Shows on Netflix in 2022

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Monica Aldama, Cheer


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