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William shows ‘broodiness’ like Kate but ‘likes to act alarmed’ – ‘keen on baby four’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were guests of the Irish Guards today to mark Ireland’s national day. The couple joined in with the traditional St Patrick’s Day Parade and met a soldier’s 20-month-old daughter.

Kate Middleton was today pictured smiling and laughing alongside Prince William as Lieutenant Colonel Rob Money introduced them to his 20-month-old toddler, Gaia.

The Lieutenant Colonel placed his bearskin hat on his daughter, which almost swallowed her whole.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been seen with various children in recent weeks while carrying out royal engagements.

Kate’s body language during these moments have led experts to claim that she may want a fourth child.

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However, body language expert Judi James suggested the Duchess isn’t the only one to show signs of broodiness.

She told “William was complaining his wife was getting broody a few days ago but, judging from their body language signals in these poses, it’s not just Kate wearing signals of being besotted and broody when gazing at small babies and toddlers.”

Judi continued: “Everything about Kate suggests she is keen to get stuck in and start mothering the little girl who was presenting her with her flowers.

“Even when she is standing straight her hands are held in a pose of anticipation, as though just waiting get off the blocks, push the coat into a ‘V’ at the front, and bend to give the little girl some undivided attention and communication.

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“She strokes the girl’s hair and she achieves the incredible feat for a tall woman dressed in heels of bending so low her head is almost at the child’s height when she finally does talk to her.”

This is a body language sign Kate has used many times before with her own children, according to Judi.

The body language expert went on to comment on the Duchess’ facial expressions.

She said: “Kate is also in stitches laughing as the guardsman places his busby on the little girl’s head and you can see her offering smiling reassurance and support from the side-lines as the hat goes onto her head.”

As for her reaction to Seamus the dog, Judi said the Duchess seemed pleased to see him too.

“Kate looks almost equally smitten with the huge Irish Wolfhound, wrinkling her nose to suggest approval as she goes to place the shamrock on its collar,” she added.

The body language expert continued: “But if Kate really is keen on a baby Cambridge number four, she might like to study her husband’s facial expressions as he gazes at a small baby in some of these poses, too.

“He might like to act alarmed at the idea of another child but he looks adorably and openly smitten here.

“His eye expression is softened but it’s his upper lip as he smiles that is the give-away to what might be some male broodiness.”

Judi added: “While Kate wisely stands back to let him take the lead here, his head tilt, the small display of upper teeth, and the wave-shape of that upper lip with some distinct muscle puckering at one side, all suggest his parental emotions might have been triggered here too.”

For the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Kate donned a £3,200 teal coat dress by London-based designer Laura Green.

She paired the garment with velour heels and £545 emerald-coloured hat by Lock & Co. Hatters.

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