BMW and MINI among the 10 cheapest electric cars to charge per mile – full list

Electric car sales made up 17.7 percent of all new-car registrations in the UK during February 2022, according to the latest data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). A total of 10,417 new EVs hit the roads representing a 196 percent increase on lockdown-hit February 2021.

With plenty of choice on offer and new EV models released all the time, experts at Leasing Options have revealed the 10 cheapest electric cars to charge to help drivers who are considering retiring their petrol or diesel car.

Mike Thompson, Chief Operating Officer at Leasing Options, explained: “With the current fuel crisis it’s no surprise that many UK drivers will be considering an electric vehicle for their next car.

“We’ve calculated the electric vehicles that have the cheapest charging cost per mile, to aid motorists in their search.”

The company assessed 50 EVs currently on the market and checked them against Zap-Map’s database to find out which EVs are the cheapest on the market to run.

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Elsewhere, Audi’s e-tron and Tesla’s Model S and X take the longest to charge and are the most expensive.

However those Teslas do offer the most miles added per recharge, with 297 and 266 miles respectively, putting them at the top of that list.

The company’s Model 3 performs much better combined, with a cost of £14.40 and 7.5p per mile adding an impressive 250 miles of charge.

However that’s well beaten by the likes of BMW’s i3 and the Polestar 2

SEAT Mii Electric – 7.2p per mile
Kia Soul EV – 7.2p per mile
Volkswagen e-up! – 7.3p per mile
MINI Electric – 7.5p per mile
Nissan LEAF – 7.5p per mile

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