Fon du Lac Park Police offer safety tips to keep pets away from wild animals

PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) – It’s mating season for many types of wildlife, and that’s why it’s especially important this time of year to keep an extra eye on pets.

Fon du Lac Park District Police Chief Mike Johnson says there’s an uptick in calls of wild animal sightings in backyards, from coyotes to foxes.

Always keep pets on a leash, and don’t leave them or food outside, said Johnson.

“Leave the animals alone. Most importantly, do not feed wild animals,” said Johnson.

“A lot of folks see cats in the neighborhood and think ‘oh I’ll put a dish out for them.’ Well, what you’re doing is ringing the dinner bell for every other animal that’s in the area,” the chief said.

Also, don’t let pets, especially smaller ones, wander too far away from the house, said Johnson.

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