Stunning images as eight huge military vessels including Royal Navy warships skim UK coast

Stunning pictures show the waters in Plymouth Sound being crossed by huge military vessels. Among them, there were US warships and Royal Navy vessels. On March 24, onlookers spotted HMS Echo, HMS Explorer, HMS Lancaster, RFA Tiderace, Leopold I, RFA Argus, HMS Smiter, and HMS Archer in or at the entrance to The Sound.

Among these, the largest vessel is RFA Tiderace – a 200-metre-long ship weighing approximately 37,000 tons.

This vessel is a replenishment tanker of the Royal Fleet Auxilliary.

First ordered from the shipbuilding company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering in 2012, it was named four years later and accepted by the Ministry of Defence in June 2017.

The vessel entered service in August 2018.

Its home port is normally Southampton.

Plymouth Live also reported residents spotting leaving the docks on Thursday the 193-metre-long cargo ship Hurst Point.

The HMS Echo is the first of two multi-role hydrographic survey ships commissioned by the Royal Navy.

Alongside its sister ship, HMS Enterprise, they form the class of survey vessels. 

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This ship was built by Appledore Shipbuilders in 2002 and is the ninth Royal Navy vessel to bear this name. 

Among the other Royal Navy ships to have recently graced Plymouth Sound’s waters there was the HMS Lancaster.

This vessel has been named after the Duke of Lancaster and is also known as The Queen’s Frigate.

Her Majesty officially launched this is a Duke-class Type 23 frigate in May 1990. 


The ship has recently been installed with a new 3D radar and improved air-defence capabilities. 


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