Household Support Fund: Who is eligible and how much can I get?

For example, households in Durham can get as much as £60 in food vouchers to see them through the short term, and those in Northamptonshire can get £120 to pay for their energy bills.

Elsewhere, those living under Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council could get up to £200 in vouchers to spend at shops including Aldi, Argos, Asda and Currys.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has offered up to £285 per household for food, fuel and clothes.

Essentially, exactly how much you can get depends on your personal circumstances and exactly where you live.

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By Aliss Higham

Aliss Higham joined as an Online Reporter in March 2020. She is an NCTJ-qualified journalist who is interested in UK and European politics, US politics and world news.

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