‘Just virtue signalling’: Drivers say they cannot afford switch to EVs amid petrol ban

Another reader, ‘Sir Realist’ said: “The real question is about where all this extra electricity is going to come from as it doesn’t just appear on the grid.

“Truth is, most normal people can’t afford an EV, and until that changes, people will have no choice but to use the internal combustion engine… plus it needs to be as convenient as filling up in a normal station, 30 minutes is still too long.

“What they should do is make use of the eco-friendly efuels that are being developed that can be used in normal vehicles.

“Eventually, the switch will happen but not as fast as some think. The internal combustion engine will still be around for a long time yet.”

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Tim Bradley

By Tim Bradley

As seen in: Daily Express, Daily Mirror, MSN UK, HuffPost UK, MyLondon, Competitor Magazine, Fire Engineering, Chicago Athlete Magazine

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