Edge Cloud Network Firm Fastly Acquires Fanout

Edge cloud network provider Fastly has acquired push platform Fanout for an undisclosed sum, the company announced on its website Wednesday (March 30).

Fanout’s platform makes it easy to build and scale real-time and streaming APIs such as live chat support, gaming, video stream and eCommerce, Fastly said in its announcement.

“The acquisition is part of Fastly’s broader growth strategy to identify and deploy technologies and talent that increase performance, security and innovation for customers,” the company said.

Fastly adds that the integration of Fanout will help allow for real-time app development at the edge with improved time-to-market, reduced friction at a time when a digital experience’s speed and performance are crucial to engaging and converting customers.

Fanout will let the Fastly platform in its ability to delivery transport agnostic real-time development, while also letting customers use their existing HTTP.

The company said the addition of Fanout also lets it streamline workflows and give developers the freedom to build the best experience possible for users without worrying about the intricacies of real-time protocols.

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PYMNTS has spoken with Fastly’s team members a number of times in recent years, including our conversation in July of last year with Cassandra Dixon, senior manager, solutions engineering.

She told PYMNTS that while edge cloud technologies can help services and tech come to market with speed, legacy systems are keeping financial institutions (FIs) from their goals — and ability — to deliver user content.

The rise of edge computing — bringing data closer to where it’s needed — can ease some of that burden, Dixon said, letting companies cache data that could not have been cached before.

“Before, most people thought of CDNs (content delivery networks) as just delivering or caching static content. Now, you can do more with private information, but you have to personalize it so that the content is dynamic … and for the FIs, there is more ‘bang for the buck,’” she said.



Edge Cloud Network Firm Fastly Acquires Fanout

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