How to get your child into primary school

Finding a new home with a family often also means finding a new school.

Primary schools will provide children with vital building blocks for living in the UK.

Most children arriving from abroad are entitled to a place in a British school, and admissions cannot refuse someone due to their nationality or immigration status.

How to get a child into primary school

Most parents will want to get their children into a state-funded school, as they don’t require fees due to taxpayer funding.

State schools include academies, free schools, grammar, and boarding schools.

Parents should first create a list of potential schools in their area, which they can find and compare here.

The tool helps people to understand where the schools sit on the UK’s league table, including its Office of Standards in Education (OFSTED) rating, which ranges from “inadequate” at the bottom to “outstanding” at the top.

Schools should list this information on their websites along with other vital details.

These should include:

  • Admission criteria
  • Links to OFSTED reports
  • Performance data links
  • Behaviour policy
  • Curriculum details

Once parents have looked over these details, they may want to consider attending an open day with their children.

These will help their child understand the school’s atmosphere, an experience they won’t get online.

Once they have settled on a school, they can think about applying.

New academic years start with the autumn term around September, but some children may start later than this.

Local councils will have different rules around when new terms begin.

Parents can find application forms online or send one on paper via their council.

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