Lotto results LIVE: Tonight’s winning numbers as quadruple rollover offers £9 million

Wednesday’s lottery draw presents people with two opportunities to win today. With one £2 ticket, people could find success with both the Thunderball and Lotto draws. Tonight’s jackpot is a life-changing £8.9 million total, the product of a quadruple rollover, and the draw is right around the corner.

What are the winning lottery numbers for March 30?

The lottery gives people a second chance to win another £500,000 in the Thunderball draw should they pick out matching numbers.

Entrants can choose six between one and 59, and at least two will win a prize.

The jackpot requires all six to match, and the National Lottery will announce them soon.

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Aside from the jackpot, there are five other prizes up for grabs.

They include:

Six main numbers: Jackpot

Five main numbers and bonus ball: £1 million

Five main numbers: £1,750

Four main numbers: £140

Three main numbers: £30

Two main numbers: Free Lucky Dip


The last people to win significant lottery sums in the UK were a duo who thought they had received far less.

Earlier this month, Marion Wood and Michael Williams, 60 and 67, won £1 million.

They each bagged £500,000 after their numbers matched, leaving them in “stunned silence”.

Ms Wood explained that she initially thought they had only won £1,000 altogether.

She told the Mirror: “I looked, looked again, Michael was going through the numbers one by one, and he kept on saying it’s a million, it’s a milli – and I said ‘I don’t know what a million in numbers looks like?!’”

The NHS worker, who was on the job during the pandemic, added that she wasn’t sure how they would celebrate.

Ms Wood said: “Even now it still hasn’t completely sunk in, but seeing our names on the big cheque has definitely made it feel more real.

“I’m still unsure about what sort of celebration we’ll have but I am getting a taste for champagne having sipped a bit since the win.”

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