Machine Gun Kelly Recalled “Exorcising Some Things Out” With Megan Fox When They Took Ayahuasca

“We were exorcising some things out of us that we needed to get rid of.”

Long before Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox drank each other’s blood to seal their engagement, the couple was drinking ayahuasca at a spiritual retreat far from home.

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You may remember Megan’s original recollection of the experience, which she called “intense” (as it involved “going to hell for eternity”) in a Jimmy Kimmel Live interview last summer.

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Well, MGK — whose real name is Colson Baker — recently appeared on the late night talk show himself. During his chat with Jimmy Kimmel, the rapper shared memories of their trip in greater detail.

MGK, apparently, brought some energy to the retreat that was not so great. As he explained, their shaman picked up on the “big shadow of darkness” following him around right away.

Consequently, MGK was given instructions to consume ayahuasca in higher doses than other retreat attendees, and he obliged.

But even so, it was actually Megan who nearly backed out of the retreat’s scheduled activities midway through. “Going [into] the third night, Megan was like, ‘I can’t, I can’t do this. I can’t go back,'” MGK said.

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“Her first night, [it was] rainbows [and] unicorns. It was great. Her second night, she was like, ‘I don’t ever want to see that again.'”

“We were exorcising some things out of us that we needed to get rid of,” he continued. “The plant was a medicine that really went inside — you could feel it working inside your body. Even after you left, it stayed there. So it was interesting.”

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