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One in four pet owners have created a social media account for their furry friends

Another 34 percent wanted to enjoy the positive reactions shared over their pets online.

These pampered pets have an average of 925 followers – with 89 percent of owners admitting this is more than they have on their own social networking accounts.

However, 42 percent of adults with personal social media profiles admitted to filling their own feeds with pictures of their pooches and pussycats.

The research was commissioned by pet insurer ManyPets, to mark its rebrand from Bought By Many, whose CEO and co-founder Steven Mendel, said: “It’s evident that pets are the nation’s pride and joy.

“Whether we’re showing them off on social media or throwing them a birthday party, our four-legged friends deserve the best.

“We love that pet owners are passionate about putting their pets first, which is a core value we share as a brand – and our mission is to make the world a better place for pets and their parents.

“Our new ManyPets name takes us one step closer towards that goal.”

The research revealed social networking isn’t the only place pet owners are showing off pictures of their cherished animals – as two in five (40 percent) even have more snaps of their pet than they do themselves.

And many also admit to having more pet pictures on their phones than of their friends (38 percent) and parents (36 percent).

In fact, two-thirds would go as far to say they consider their pet to be one of their best friends.

And as many as 44 percent of those who treat their four-legged pals will do so on their birthday – with a third (34 percent) of all pet owners throwing them a birthday bash at one time or another.

And nearly half of these respondents have admitted to spending more on their canines and cats than they do on some of their loved ones.

Many owners will even miss their pets the most (44 percent) compared to their parents, kids and friends when away from home – with a third (34 percent) taking their pet on a weekend away.

A quarter (26 percent) of those polled, via OnePoll, will attend pet-friendly restaurants to include their pets in their plans, and over half (55 percent) say they have made new friends thanks to their pet.

Meanwhile, almost half (48 percent) have cancelled their plans to spend more time with their furry friend.

Steven Mendel added: “It’s more important than ever for us to show our commitment to pet owners by giving them access to convenient solutions to look after their furry friend’s health and wellness.”

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