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Rukmini Iyer’s recipe for beetroot, feta and rosemary breakfast muffins

I love so many things about these muffins: the vibrantly pink batter, and then the perfectly balanced hit of feta alongside the beetroot and rosemary in the final bake.

These are as perfect for a lazy brunch with friends as they are for breakfast in bed à deux – especially when served with blood orange mimosas on the side. I’ve been known to eat three in one sitting, so double up if you’re having more than four people over.

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Valentines muffins.

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Beetroot, feta and rosemary breakfast muffins

Prep 15 min
Cook 30-35 min
Makes 12 muffins

200g fresh beetroot, peeled and grated
1⁄2 tbsp lemon juice
150g self-raising flour
100g rye flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sea salt flakes
1 sprig rosemary,
needles finely chopped
100ml olive oil
150g natural yogurt
50ml milk
1 free range egg,
lightly beaten
200g feta cheese, roughly crumbled
Rosemary sprigs, to garnish
Freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 200C (180C fan)/400F/gas 6. In a large bowl, stir the grated beetroot with the lemon juice, then add the flours, baking powder, sea salt, and chopped rosemary. Mix well.

In a separate bowl or large jug, whisk the olive oil, yoghurt, milk and egg together. Stir the liquid very briefly into the beetroot and flour mixture along with half the crumbled feta. Combine just until you can’t see any flour, and no further. The less you mix, the lighter the muffin.

Spoon a tablespoon of muffin mixture into each of your 12 lined muffin cups, then scatter over the remaining feta evenly, along with a few rosemary sprigs and a small grind of black pepper.

Transfer the muffins to the oven to bake for 30-35 minutes, until well risen and firm to the touch. Allow to cool slightly on a wire rack, but make sure to serve warm. These are best eaten on the day they’re made, but can be kept in the fridge in an airtight box for up to two days and reheated gently in the oven as needed.

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