Russian spies ‘sowing discord and disunity’ among Norwegians

Ministers are concerned that the wind could blow radiation into northern and western Europe if nuclear reactors are disturbed by fighting in the country.

Russian forces have already targeted the Ukrainian town of Chernobyl, where a nuclear accident in April 1986 caused a cloud of radiation to spread across Europe.

Troops accidentally severed power to one facility in Chernobyl still storing radioactive waste, raising concerns it could leak and cause widespread radioactive contamination.

“Ukraine is one of the largest producers of nuclear power in Europe, and if an accident happens as with Chernobyl, we will all, in the rest of Europe, be affected by that if the wind blows in this direction,” Mr Enoksen said.

“What we said is: ‘Be ready’. Not for a nuclear attack, but for radioactive wind and rain.

“When the Chernobyl accident happened, we saw it for years because the wind was coming up towards the pole.

“You saw the accidents with the attack on Ukraine. It is not because we fear nuclear war. [Radiation] is our highest risk.”

The invasion of Ukraine is described by defence sources as a “threshold moment” for other states that border Russia, who have become increasingly concerned about protecting the polar ice cap and maintaining access for ships in accordance with international law. 

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