Falkland veteran likens Putin to ‘Argentine Junta’ over Ukraine ‘Very unpleasant people!’

Admiral Lord West has spoken out on the 40 year anniversary of the start of the Falklands war to condemn Russian actions in Ukraine. The former Chief of Defence Intelligence and First Sea Lord went as far as to liken Vladimir Putin to the Argentine junta branding them “a very, very unpleasant group of people.”

Lord West told GB News: “I think in the case of the Falklands, rather like Ukraine, there was this attack by a very, very unpleasant group of people.

“The Junta in Argentina and its Putin in Russia, and attacked a country that was full of people who wanted self-determination were happy as they were, didn’t want to change their status.

“And the Argentine Junta decided otherwise and invaded them with no reason whatsoever to do it.

“It was quite right and proper, and it was good that we are able to actually go down and eject them and the results of that war were good because, in Argentina, they changed their junta which had killed thousand of Argentinians.”

He added: “They got rid of the junta because they fell apart after that war.

“I think our status as a nation grew because, in the 70s, we’ve been a sort of sick man of Europe and I think there was a pulling together and people they felt we could achieve things.

“It was very interesting thereafter Britain was on a bit of a roll and the Falkland Islanders themselves I’ve been there a number of times since they’re wealthier, more established, they still wish to remain British, they exercise their self-determination.

“So the outcome was good.” 

The poorly equipped and trained Argentine troops stood little chance and by June, Argentina had surrendered.

The war is widely seen as a mistake by a discredited military dictatorship ruling Argentina at the time, but the islands remain a potent national symbol and most Argentines support the South American country’s claims over them.

Many Falklanders, who commemorate the end of the war on June 14 as a day of liberation, still view Argentina with mistrust and demand self-determination for the archipelago. In a 2013 referendum almost all islanders voted to remain British.

The islanders are viewed by many Argentines views as colonists illegally occupying the land.

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Tim McNulty

By Tim McNulty

Tim McNulty is a Video News Reporter. Prior to joining in January 2021, Tim worked as a news reporter in Scotland and Spain.

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