Woman explains how she makes up to £1000 a month through skincare – ‘Can never get bored’

Diane was a self-employed makeup artist and educator for over 20 years, however when the COVID-19 pandemic began, and all the businesses in the beauty industry were forced to close and many not receiving any Government funding or support, she needed a way to earn some money until she was able to get back to her full-time job. Diane spoke exclusively to about her journey starting her own business, and how others can do this to earn some extra cash on the side.

Diane has always been very passionate about the cosmetics sector – as a successful makeup artist she worked on campaigns for Pepsi and Aldi, as well as co-writing a makeup course for the University of Central Lancashire.

She jumped at the opportunity to become an Avon Representative as she’d be able to apply her skills to her everyday tasks, from interacting with her customers, to trialling new products and showcasing them to her social media followers.

She said: “I became an Avon representative in May 2020 as a means to earn some money throughout lockdown, as my main source of income had been cut off due to the pandemic. As a self-employed professional makeup artist, I didn’t have any support from the Government, and I couldn’t practice my profession as we were all told to stay at home.

“One day I was browsing social media in search for anyone selling hand sanitiser, as the local shops were completely sold out. I saw a representative selling some and decided to order a couple of products to avoid paying for shipping.

“I ended up loving the products – which have since become staples in my makeup kit – and wanted to learn more about starting my own beauty business and decided to sign up. I’ve always had a passion for makeup and have spent my whole career in the cosmetics industry, it felt like a natural transition to become an Avon representative while I waited until I could resume my full-time job.

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“It is a very flexible business which allows me to set up the day as I’d like and around my priorities. There is always something different to work on in my beauty business, and endless products to review, I can never get bored!”

Diane has set herself an earnings target of £3,000 a month for the rest of the year and has plans to grow her team.

She was able to use the tools given to her to be able to grow her business online.

She continued: “Avon has a plethora of tools for representatives to use and get their digital business set up from the start – from digital brochures, to training courses on how to best utilise social media.”


Diane explained that she did not really face many difficulties over lockdown as her loyal customers were still treating themselves to makeup and skincare products and were happy to do so digitally and from the comfort of their own home.

This job will be good for people that can build relationships with others, and like to communicate. Being able to build a loyal fan base will ensure that there is money coming in every month, she said.

Diane went on to discuss some benefits and perks that are attached to the role. She said: “When you hit different targets you get some incentives, which are always a really nice motivator.

“During my busiest lockdown month, I was able to hit my £3,500 target and that is what I’ve used as a benchmark to plan my goals for the rest of the year.

“The earnings are extremely welcome as I don’t have a steady income because of the nature of my job and the challenges that the pandemic presented.

“I’ve not seen a slow down in sales. In fact, mine increase each month. I’ve hit VIP sales each quarter and on a good month can make a £1,000 in commission.

“Avon has helped me stay afloat during lockdown, made me meet so many incredible people with my same passion, and who are keen to learn more about my professional tips and tricks.”

Most business is conducted digitally so Diane relies on word of mouth through social media, as well as her own Facebook and Instagram pages.

Through her role, she has gone on to do more. Other Avon representatives and customers have contacted her for some one-on-one makeup training courses following the live streams that she does, so they can improve their makeup and skincare techniques. 

Diane also had the opportunity to share her skills at Avon UK’s January conference with thousands of representatives in attendance.

“A little bit daunting at first, but it was such a rewarding experience!” She said.

She concluded: “I’ve really enjoyed being able to interact with peers and customers on a day-to-day basis. Being forced to stay indoors throughout the pandemic made me realise how much of a social butterfly I am. I have met some incredible like-minded people which I consider friends, not just colleagues.”

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