130 Pets That Are “Masters Of Hiding”

Pets are a wonder — they never stop brightening up our days with their hilarious shenanigans and weird little quirks. After all, looking at them jumping, pouncing, and getting us just as excited for the day as they are is a source of entertainment right there.

However, sometimes our beloved goofballs feel this overwhelming urge to crouch behind furniture, run underneath the bed, or bury their heads in the couch. Especially when they’ve done something mischievous. But while some of them are true masters of camouflage, others hilariously try to go unnoticed and fail in the best possible way.

Today, we bring you a list full of amusing pictures of our beloved four-legged friends who are so terrible at playing hide-and-seek, their owners just had to take a brief pause from laughing, snap a photo, and share it with everyone online. So continue scrolling, upvote the ones that made you smile, and make sure to check out Part 1 of this post right here!

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