Netflix’s Reality Dating Trailer Promises Dysfunction Year-Round

Netflix isn’t stopping with Love Is Blind or Love on the Spectrum. They’re giving reality fans a multitude of dysfunctional dating shows.

Last month Netflix announced a multitude of reality dating shows coming soon to the streaming service. The company’s official press release included the slogan “Love Has No Offseason,” preparing audiences for what’s to come — an endless buffet of relationship drama. The success of Love is Blind and Love on the Spectrum convinced Netflix to greenlight more dating shows, providing alternate options for dysfunctional reality TV to their viewers.

By the end of Love Is Blind Season 2, fans wondered what to do with their lives after getting sucked into the drama whirlpool, and this announcement gives them something to look forward to later this year. There will be plenty of drama coming to home screens by the end of 2022. It’s possible that Netflix could corner the reality dating market that used to be dominated by ABC’s The Bachelor franchise… but is that a good thing for anyone but Netflix?

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the ultimatum contestants

The next show to debut will be The Ultimatum on April 6, 2022. This show has a particular brand of dysfunction as it brings struggling couples together to swap partners and decide if they want to continue their current relationship by the end of the season. One half of each couple wants to get married while the other half still isn’t sure. Obviously, there are many things that could go wrong by pairing them with a stranger, guaranteeing that audiences will witness an even worse trainwreck than Love is Blind when the series starts.

Another show that’s raised some eyebrows is Dated and Related. This concept brings siblings together to play wingman for each other. The contestants accompany their sibling through the entire courting process, which could cause some extremely awkward situations. With show ideas like these, Netflix producers are continuing to up the stakes when it comes to reality dating shows.

First, contestants blindly choose their potential spouses. Next, couples on the brick of ending are tempted to step outside of their relationship emotionally — and possibly physically — on television. And now, family members will be the key component in their sibling landing a new partner. The dysfunction just seems to grow with each new series, bringing forward new situations where must-see drama can ensue for viewers to talk (and post) about.

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love is blind season 2 cast

Love is Blind, the original trendsetter for these shows, was not only approved for Season 3, but the show extended its reach into Japan (which debuted in February) and Brazil (premiering later this year). The series does an amazing job of framing certain dysfunctional behavior as entertaining, causing many debates about things like who the villain of the season might be or the end results in the final episode. These candidates who are looking for love feel pressured to find “the one” badly enough that they end up ignoring massive red flags which add more tension for viewers to discuss.

The least troubling of Netflix’s current shows is Love on the Spectrum, which has become a fan-favorite. The program originally premiered in Australia as a documentary series featuring people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and will debut in the United States later this year. Many viewers see this show as more of a sweet representation of pure love — rather than the drama-filled chaotic storm that most reality dating shows turn out to be.

Whether audiences prefer toxic or genuine situations in these shows, they’ll have something to watch in 2022.  Viewers will have access to relationship dysfunction anytime they need or want it, creating a whole sub-genre for fans who want to see what happens to other people’s relationships. It’s entirely possible that all of the series will be popular, but will any of them become one of the best reality shows on Netflix or will it all be too much?

Love is Blind Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix. The Ultimatum and Love on the Spectrum will premiere later this year.

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