Prince William offered support to ‘awkward’ George with simple gesture – ‘Seeking comfort’

However, Mr Davies also claimed that the Duke of Cambridge sensed his eldest son’s anxiety and gave him some gentle reassurance during a conversation with a member of the military.

William had been holding his son’s hand steadfastly, but when he greeted and spoke to the Navy man, George was left wondering how to engage and interact, which prompted an “awkward” moment for the young Royal.

The Duke appeared to notice his son had started to struggle and in response placed a hand on his shoulder protectively.

Mr Davies told the Daily Star: “He [George] takes a deep breath quickly, gulps and licks his dry lips which is caused by pre-emptive anxiety, but he maintains good eye contact and once he is spoken to by one of the clergymen he breaks into a broad smile showing his confidence.

“However, once his father talks to the Navy gentlemen with the gold braiding, George’s mouth tightens to the left and he rubs the bottom of his jacket with his right fingers, showing he feels awkward and is seeking comfort.

“William naturally recognises this by putting his hand on George’s shoulder.”

Another body language expert Judi James agreed that George and Princess Charlotte, six, had coped remarkably well with such a big moment in their lives as Royals.

Ms James told OK! while it appeared the royal children had gone through rehearsals she was impressed by the way William and Kate interacted with their children. 

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Their attendance was also seen as a surprise by some royal watchers as well as a sign that they might be involved in more royal engagements from now on.

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