Susanna Reid’s ‘tragic’ relationship with dog co-star on Gogglebox detailed by Rob Rinder

Rob said: “It was just a random series of events, she asked me the cleverest question that I’ve ever been asked in any interview.”

The Judge Rinder star also spoke about his work with Patient Claim Line to investigate what happens when a medical negligence claim is made against the NHS and how it can improve processes for other patients.

Speaking about the process of making a claim, Rob said: “It’s about our shared provider, making sure and ensuring that it delivers best practice.

“And when it falls dangerously short, not just ensuring the NHS is held to account, but that the individual is properly remunerated for their injury to be sure, but also to protect, to serve and to defend the NHS to make sure it keeps its standards up.

You can contact Patient Claim Line here.

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