A Yellowstone Episode Directed By Michael Bay? It Could Happen, And It Needs To

Yellowstone continues to cement itself within the ranks of linear TV royalty, with viewership totals and demo ratings that blow most other shows out of the water. It’s a show whose explosiveness often comes through character interactions, particularly those involving Kelly Reilly’s Beth, but co-creator Taylor Sheridan hasn’t exactly shied away from more literal explosions and madcap action during the western drama’s first four seasons. But is there ever a point when Michael Bay, the most explosive director in Hollywood, could settle in behind the camera for an episode in Season 5 or beyond? It’s definitely more likely than John Dutton giving up his ranch, I’ll say that.

Michael Bay is currently promoting his first theatrical release in five years with the action thriller Ambulance, which has already become one of Bay’s most well-reviewed movies across his entire career. And while there are probably better ways to celebrate such feats than by traveling to Montana to direct an episode of Yellowstone, there are definitely worse ways. During a screening Q&A (via Collider), Bay expressed his fandom for the Paramount Network series, and revealed that even though jumping into other creators’ worlds isn’t his preference, he would be down to lend his talents to the Dutton family saga. In his words:

Y’know…I would not want to do [something like] Star Wars 5 because…the greatest, the toughest thing for a director to do is to create the world, and I like creating the world. But [directing Yellowstone] might be fun. The horses, and the Stetson hats, and the beautiful landscape…it’s a fun show.

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