Bargain Hunt’s Charles Hanson opens up on ‘difficulties’ of auctioning

The auctioneer, who appeared on Friday’s instalment of Steph’s Packed Lunch, has been on Bargain Hunt for almost two decades. Intrigued to understand more about how the bidding process works, host Steph McGovern asked the antiques expert about his experience in the industry. The BBC star explained how reading people’s body language comes in useful during auctions but admitted they can be tricky. 

Steph’s Packed Lunch star and Essex-born comedian Russell Kane asked Charles: “How do you actually bid? 

“What do you look out for? If I scratch my ear by accident could I lose a grand or something?”

Charles laughed: “It’s true, you are moving and shaking and people might twitch their nose or something.” 

He continued: “One year a man said to me, ‘Right Charles when my hat goes back on my head that is me stopping bidding.'”

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Charles then curled up his index finger and wiggled it to explain how some people make a bidding gesture with their fingers. 

He said: “The normal way to do it is by holding up your bidding number and saying, ‘Over here.'”

A curious Steph asked why bidders wave their fingers or move their hats at auctions, adding: “Why don’t [they] just say, yes I’ll have it?”

Charles explained some people at auctions want to be very private and do not want to draw attention to themselves. 

He has gone on to become one of the faces most seen on Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Trip and Flog It!.

His fans were thrilled to see Charles on Steph’s Packed lunch and took to social media to express their excitement over his interview as well as Friday’s instalment of Bargain Hunt.  

Brian Devlin remarked: “I have to say, in all my years of watching it, today’s #BargainHunt was out of this world. #CharlesHanson was absolutely brilliant.”

Responding to Brian, an enthusiastic Deb tweeted: “Oh Brian it was awesome, the best one I’ve ever seen. I love Charles Hanson!” 

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