‘Rotten b*stard’ Car seller offended by low offer sends buyer on 85-mile hospital trip

In response, Murry said: “It was an MOT failure and had a blown turbo on it as well. It said that in the description. He had it up for £500 and it was only for scrap.

“It could have been used again if you wanted to spend £1,000 on it. If it’s good enough to be used, why didn’t he take it back to MOT, repair it and drive it.

“My offer was fair, it was only good for scrap. All he had to do was send to my reply ‘that’s not enough. No thank you’.

“I was pretty annoyed when I got there because it was an absolute low-down act to do on anybody. I’d understand if it was a £2,000 car and I offered dirty money for it but it was scrap.”

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Tim Bradley

By Tim Bradley

As seen in: Daily Express, Daily Mirror, MSN UK, HuffPost UK, MyLondon, Competitor Magazine, Fire Engineering, Chicago Athlete Magazine

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