Boris Becker tells tennis stars to ‘look in a mirror’ after Kyrgios and Zverev criticism

Becker agreed with that assessment, and warned that the sport risks losing part of the game which can be entertaining for fans if players are restricted from showing personality on the court. He also expressed his relief that there were fewer cameras and no social media during his playing career.

“I’m quite happy that we were allowed to play and ultimately go berserk under the exclusion of the social media and the microphones so to speak,” the 54-year-old added. “It’s more difficult for the players today.

“Everything is extremely transparent, too transparent for my taste. And then the question is how does the tennis authority deal with it? Tennis is also an entertainment sport. I don’t want to see computers and machines on the court either.

“Emotions are good, a bit of blood, sweat and tears, that stimulates, that was already the case with us. But everything has a limit.”

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