Meet the Emmaus grandma who clucks, shares smiles everywhere she goes

Meet the Emmaus grandma who clucks, shares smiles everywhere she goes

EMMAUS, Pa. – Easter is the favorite holiday of an Emmaus native, and it’s easy to see, or hear, why.

“This is from Kara, my granddaughter,” Connie Moyer of Emmaus said about one of her napkin holders. “Here’s Easter eggs.”

Moyer’s home is full of all things chicken and eggs.

“Look, eggs. See, Easter Bunny,” Moyer said, just as she started to cluck.

The 78-year-old clucks like a chicken everywhere she goes. It all got started in the late 1980s when she began working with chickens on her sister’s farm.

“One of her chickens, White Leghorn chickens, hopped on my cart, and I just started clucking. It just came out of me just like that,” said Moyer.

Moyer picked up clucking quickly. No practice was needed.

She ended up as the national chicken clucking champion four years in a row.

“This is the very first year I won the contest which was in 1990,” Moyer said as she pointed to one of her trophies.

Moyer’s favorite song is the “chicken dance.”

She recently got the crowd to bust a move at her granddaughter’s wedding.

The tunes she clucks to are endless. Among the popular ones are “Happy Birthday” and “Jingle Bells.”

People all around Emmaus know her, including some from her 12 years as the performer Henrietta the Dancing Chicken.

“It was so egg-xciting,” Moyer said with a laugh.

She still has the basket she brought to events.

“I put little toys, little eggs in here, plastic eggs, with the goodies for the children,” said Moyer.

Moyer brightens days at stores, parks and restaurants.

“I cluck for my doctor, my eye doctor, my gynecologist,” said Moyer. “I do.”

“A lot of people know and recognize her,” said Susan Voortman, Moyer’s sister.

Why egg-xactly does she do this?

“Smile. Make people happy. Happiness. I just love people,” said Moyer.

“That’s the best part,” said Voortman. “She just makes people happy and that’s what she likes to do.”

It’s what she’ll continue to do.

“I’m an old cluck but I still feel like a spring chicken,” said Moyer. “I’m so grateful to everybody over the years.”

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