‘That bike needs crushing’ Mother furious at rider parked in parents-only space at Aldi

Commenting on the photo, one woman said: “No consideration at all, bike needs crushing by police and rider needs to be heavily fined.”

Another woman added: “They should be getting fined. I see it all the time and also people with car seats in the car but no kids with them.

“What’s the point of having the spaces if they are going to get away with parking like that?”

But another woman didn’t agree, writing: “Why are people so bothered? We have a lot more going on in the world. A lot of parents park in these spaces just because they have a child seat in but no child with them.” And a man simply added: “First world problems.”

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Tim Bradley

By Tim Bradley

As seen in: Daily Express, Daily Mirror, MSN UK, HuffPost UK, MyLondon, Competitor Magazine, Fire Engineering, Chicago Athlete Magazine

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