Piers Morgan leaks Susanna Reid’s text after TalkTV ‘snub’ as she issues ‘eye-roll’ jibe

He also reflected that “everyone was tuning in to hear my opinion”, pointing to the “massive” ratings GMB had enjoyed that week.

He added: “I still don’t believe a word Meghan Markle says. I think almost everything that comes out of her mouth is complete bulls**t.

“Susanna Reid, on that same show where I got all the trouble, she was saying the complete opposite.

“Well, why is she entitled to believe her given how many lies were coming out Meghan Markle’s mouth?”

Piers has also been having his controversial say on Prince Harry following his speech at the Invictus Games, held in the Hague over the weekend.

On Twitter today, Piers blasted the Duke of Sussex as a pampered and over-privileged prince, quizzing what right he had to talk about equality for his children.

Harry had told junior journalists that he would “never, ever, ever rest” until he had tried to make a “more equal world” for son Archie, aged two, and daughter Lilibet, 10 months.

Yet Piers was unimpressed, hitting back by tweeting: “More equal? A spoiled privileged prince who inherited millions & now makes 100s of millions fleecing his royal titles from his $11m Californian mansion wants EQUALITY for his kids?”

No doubt the world will be hearing more of Piers’ controversial opinions on Harry, Meghan and much more besides when Uncensored kicks off in one week’s time on April 25th.

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