Yellowstone Takes You Through Jimmy And Mia’s Rocky Relationship, From The Beginning To The End

It’s always cool getting a chance to relive certain parts of Yellowstone, without having to go back and watch the whole thing all over again… and there’s not too many shows out there that package the bonus content quite like Yellowstone does.

I mean, every other day, they’re giving you something new.

It’s no secret that Jimmy quickly became a fan-favorite on the hit TV series. Watching him grow from a low-life meth cook, to a respected ranch-hand and rodeo cowboy at Yellowstone Ranch, and subsequently finding his purpose in life, has been one of the most rewarding storylines of the show.

A really cool story of redemption, it’s easy to see why Jimmy is beloved by so many Yellowstone fans. Plus, everybody likes a good underdog story.

With that being said, Yellowstone released a timeline video of Jimmy and Mia’s relationship, from the very first time they met at the rodeo, to their brutal encounter after Jimmy’s return to Yellowstone after his long stay at the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas, where he found the new love of his life Emily.

There were rumors circulating that Jimmy’s time on the show was over, and that he’d be the main star for Yellowstone’s spinoff series at the Four Sixes Ranch, but we recently got the news that he will be making an appearance for Season Five.

Check it out:

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