‘Utterly cynical manoeuvre’ John Cleese lashes out at Tories over Boris Johnson inquiry

John Cleese, 82, has expressed his anger towards the Tory government after they were reportedly told to avoid pursuing an inquiry into Boris Johnson breaking Covid rules. The Fawlty Towers star has been a long-time sceptic of the Conservatives and often uses his Twitter to speak his mind on political agendas.

He typed: “An utterly cynical manoeuvre to undermine the Rule of Law.”

In response, his fans shared their opinions on the divisive matter.

@ReekOShame replied: “Not cynical. Evil.”

While @BritishAlba typed: “The Met has had full access to the findings of the Sue Gray report, and her report will be published after their investigations conclude. 

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“There is no need for a third political witch hunt investigation.”

@jaminhawx claimed: “Do we really need to waste taxpayers’ money to hold an inquiry?  Aren’t we still waiting for the results from the party gate inquiry?”

Tory MPs will be told to block any investigation into whether the PM misled the house when it comes to a vote, according to reports.

Conservative whips have ordered all MPs to be in Westminster to vote against Labour’s motion to refer Boris to the Commons privileges committee for contempt of Parliament over the row, The Times has claimed.

“I’m very sorry to say this, but I no longer think he is worthy of the great office he holds.”

The PM offered a “wholehearted apology” yesterday after being issued with a fixed-penalty notice for attending a gathering in the cabinet room to celebrate his 56th birthday.

Boris insisted, however, that he had not misled the Commons when he said last December that Covid rules were followed at all times in Downing Street. 

“It did not occur to me, then or subsequently, that a gathering in the cabinet room just before a vital meeting on Covid strategy could amount to a breach of the rules,” he said.

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