Cillian Murphy names his favourite John Lennon song

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Cillian Murphy has not only cemented his status as a top actor but he has also developed quite a reputation for his incredible taste in music as well as cinema. Having cited the works of pioneers such as Charles Laughton and Mathieu Kassovitz as his cinematic influences, Murphy has also spoke about his deep relationship with music.

Known for his fantastic work in iconic productions such as 28 Days Later, Murphy has forged ahead by taking on new challenges. His brilliant performance in Peaky Blinders has transformed him into a bonafide icon of popular culture, leading to global recognition as well as a number of prestigious accolades.

Currently, Murphy has been attracting a lot of attention for his involvement in a brand new Christopher Nolan project. Having worked with Nolan on previous ventures like The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception, Murphy is set to star as J. Robert Oppenheimer in Nolan’s upcoming biopic about the life and career of the influential physicist.

In an interview, Murphy was asked to name some of the songs that were very impactful in his personal journey. The actor included songs by the likes of Van Morrison and Stevie Wonder among others, explaining how they had remained embedded in his mind. Murphy also used the list to draw attention to the post-Beatles period by naming works from the solo albums that emerged right after the band broke up.

Murphy included Paul McCartney’s ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ which was dedicated to his wife Linda. Talking about the song, the actor noted: “So McCartney wrote and played everything on this on his first solo album (McCartney) after the Beatles break up. One of his rockier love songs which I much prefer. Amazing guitar solo too. Pretty much a perfect song.”

Naming another iconic work from 1970, Murphy cited John Lennon’s ‘God’ as one of his favourite songs of all time and his favourite creation by Lennon. Impressed by the poetry of the lyrics as well as Lennon’s all-encompassing disillusionment with almost everything (including The Beatles), Murphy saw it as an appropriate counterpoint to McCartney’s solo work.

“A nice counterpoint to ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’. Also, from his own first post-Beatles album,” Murphy observed while elaborating on the masterful songwriting by Lennon. “The lyrics are exceptionally bold and brave, heartbreaking and hopeful. And the vocal is so raw. ‘God is a concept by which we measure our pain.’”

Listen to Cillian Murphy conduct a reading of John Lennon’s ‘God’ below.

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