Local man, 90, wins Tennis Super Senior World Championships

The highlight for him was the individual championship in which he came in as No. 2 in the world and defeated Cruchet, who was number 1. As a result of the match, the two switched places in the world ranking and he came home to Oxford top-ranked in both singles and doubles.

“It was truly a pleasure to beat that guy,” McCabe said, explaining the Frenchman constantly questions calls during matches.

McCabe defeated Cruchet by scores of 6-4 and 7-6 in the final match

McCabe said he loves playing tennis and has long been known for his play in seniors tournaments.

“I love it. Since my wife passed away, I keep as busy as I can. I have traveled all around the country and overseas. It’s a lot of fun,” he said. He stays in shape by running with his “daughter,” a dog named Wrennie. “My daughter keeps me sharp. We still go out and run. She’s a rescue dog, but she really rescued me. She’s a terrific animal.”

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