‘Not worried!’ Sara Davies wanted to give birth in Buckingham Palace as she collected MBE

Sara Davies, 38, reminisced about receiving her MBE when she was 36 weeks pregnant with her second son, Charlie. The Dragons’ Den star was awarded the honour in 2016 for her services to the economy, and the day could have gone very differently if Charlie had decided to make an early appearance.

In an interview with, Sara explained: “When I got the letter saying I had been nominated for an MBE, at first I didn’t believe it and I rang the palace to ask if it was real.

“They said I could go on dates between October through to June and my assistant said that we should leave it as long as possible until after I had the baby so I could leave him at home for the day.

“I said, ‘Are you kidding?!’

“I didn’t want to be going to the palace when I was carrying 20/30lbs of excess baby weight with massive bags under my eyes and leaking boobs from breastfeeding.

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“So, I said no, no, I want to go before I have the baby when I’ve got a massive tummy but it’s obvious that I’m pregnant.”

Recalling the special day, Sara felt amazing as she headed to the palace with her husband, Simon.

She continued: “My hair was lovely, my skin was glowing, I was at that lovely last stage of the pregnancy and looking amazing.”

However, because she had gestational diabetes and Charlie was big, doctors said they wanted to bring her in early to be induced. Inconveniently, they wanted her to go in two days after she received the award.

Making sure she looked the part, Sara wore six inch heels and a glamorous lace dress which ensured her baby bump was on full display.

Sara previously revealed in an Instagram story that Prince William was taken aback after spotting her large bump and said: “Wow, that looks like it’s coming soon!”

She also recounts the story in her new book, We Can All Make It, which is out now,

It takes readers through her journey to success, from running her business from her university bedroom all the way to becoming the youngest female investor on Dragons’ Den.

On her motivation to write the book, Sara said: “I want people, whether they are entrepreneurs or mums who are trying to juggle everything, to pick up my book and connect with something in it.

“I want them to think, if she has done that I can go and do whatever it is that I am trying to achieve.”

We Can All Make It: My Story by Sara Davies is published by Bantam Press and is available to buy now. RRP £20.

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