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Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Confirm They Will Not Be Reprising Their ‘1883’ Roles, But Would Be Down For Another Taylor Sheridan Show

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It’s no secret that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill loved their roles on 1883, as they’ve expressed their best experiences on the show, as well as their respect for their characters, James and Margaret Dutton.

However, it appears that they have no intentions on reprising their 1883 roles in the upcoming Yellowstone series.

McGraw told ET:

“Oh, I don’t know. I think we like Margaret and James to sort of live in that atmosphere they created for 1883.”

So if we were expecting any cameo appearances of James and Margaret Dutton in Yellowstone season five, that might not be the case.

We recently learned that Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford will star in 1932, the second Yellowstone prequel series, about the Dutton family during the Great Depression and prohibition.

Faith Hill expressed her excitement for the two, saying that it’s gonna be “one of the most incredible experiences of their life:”

“They should know it’s going to be one of the most incredible experiences of their lives — of their careers. The people that work on the set, behind the scenes — they’re gonna be well taken care of. It’s the best of the best.”

McGraw and Hill both praised the work that creator Taylor Sheridan did with 1883, and how they fell in love with the script the first time they read it:

“When we first started reading the script, 1883, it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read — both of us, and it’s just truly incredible. I mean Taylor’s writing is what drew us to the entire project.”

Although they won’t be reprising their 1883 roles in Yellowstone, they admitted that they are still open to a possibility of taking part in Taylor Sheridan creations in the future:

“I mean, it depends. It depends on the show, and the material. I’d be happy to read one if he brought it our way.”

Faith also slapped the hell out Tim on set, listen to him talk about it with Jimmy Fallon:

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