Schoolgirl savaged by bullies in brutal attack her mum wants you to see

Police have confirmed they are investigating an alleged assault which occurred on May 22 in Hazel Road, Essex, at around 5:40pm. The victim, Mariah Land, a year 10 pupil at Isca Academy, had been at the park with her friends before allegedly being intimidated and followed by a group of teenage girls.

The 14-year-old was close to her home when it appears she was ambushed, with one member of the gang filming the horrific attack, reports Devon Live.

The footage shows Mariah being kicked and punched in the face and body, including when she falls to the ground.

When she gets back up, the video shows her head hitting a concrete post following another blow.

She is currently off school and is recovering at home from concussion and bruising as well as scratches to her body.

During the incident, her mobile phone was damaged beyond repair.

Her mum, Kerry Westcott, said: “She ended up in hospital last night as she kept feeling sick and dizzy, and has had a constant headache since it happened.

“The doctors confirmed she has concussion. At the moment I think she is putting on a brave face but I think further down the line the emotional scars will come out.

“It’s unacceptable what happened to her and heartbreaking. They were like animals in a zoo.

“Things like this aren’t just happening to my daughter. There are many kids this is happening to and it needs to be stopped.

“It was horrible that her attack was filmed and shared but, in a way, it has done her a favour as it’s all on video for the police to investigate and there’s no getting away from what happened.

“The most shocking part – apart from the concussion and grazes – is that she came out of it quite unscathed considering the blows she took to her head and body.”

Her brother Keiran added: “Yesterday I got sent the video and hearing what Mariah said happened and then seeing it was two different things.

“They came up from behind and you can hear her saying, ‘what are you doing, what have I done?’.

“They pulled her hair, dragged her to the floor and kicked her in the face and body and smashed her face into a concrete post.

“It’s also the fact she went to walk away from it but they carried on. Apart from the concussion and scratches, it could have been a lot worse.

“The attack was then posted all over social media so hundreds of people have seen it and have been disgusted by it.

“I just want people to see how disgusting it is and try to get the word out there that bullying and ganging up on people should be stopped.”

Mariah has since received lots of offers of support and health such as free training from Exeter Self Defence Academy and anti-bullying groups.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police has confirmed the incident has been reported and an investigation has been launched.

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