Amazon just blocked ALL Android users from purchasing Kindle ebooks, and this is why

Amazon has stopped Android users from purchasing a new ebook on the official Kindle app. The major change came into force today (June 1), with billing options not only removed from the Amazon Kindle app but also from the Music and Audible apps. This big feature removal comes in response to changes to the Google Play Store billing policy.

Earlier this month Amazon also removed the ability to purchase digital goods from the Amazon Shopping and Prime Video apps.

In an email to customers, Amazon said the changes were being brought in to comply with updated Google Play Store policies.

In a message addressing Kindle users, Amazon said: “Readers will no longer be able to buy or rent Kindle books or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited through the Amazon app for Android: this change keeps the app in compliance with Google’s updated Play Store policies.

“You can always add to your library by buying or renting books through from a web browser.”

While the message does not state which rules this is a response to, Google’s policies mean apps on the Google Play Store have to use the search engine giant’s billing system.

Which leads to the Android makers taking a cut from every digital sale.

The email to Kindle users from Amazon goes on to outline ways Android users can still get content on their device.

Amazon says its official Android app can still be used to build their reading list, while Android users can also purchase new ebooks via their web browser, as well as recommending the Kindle Unlimited service which gives you an unlimited library of over a million ebooks to read.

Alternatively, you can simply download the Amazon App Store for Android and download relevant apps from this marketplace.

These apps will be different to the ones found on the Google Play Store and will still offer in-app purchases.

So you’ll have to delete your old Google Play Store versions of the Kindle, Music, Audible, Prime Video and Amazon Shopping apps and replace them with the downloads from the Amazon App Store.

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