New Handbook Helps Readers Develop a Stronger Relationship with Christ, Using Effective Prayer Techniques

Author presents keys to establish a successful prayer life as a spiritual warrior

SPOKANE, Wash., June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Author Dale Rogers believes that effective prayer could be the key to developing a stronger relationship with Jesus, as well as potentially solving many issues and problems everyone faces in life.

In “Prayer, Victory, and the Promised Land,” author Dale Rogers presents a style of prayer that he has developed and explains why it can work. The book provides prayers for a variety of issues along with instructions on how to pray.

“I learned about the style of prayer I present in this book some years ago,” said Rogers. “This style has proven to be effective, and when I realized why, and the benefit it presents to all Christians, I chose to make it accessible to everyone.”

Rogers presents several themes throughout this handbook. Most important is that prayer is the key to building one’s relationship with Jesus and effective prayer can accomplish a great deal. Additionally, learning to do what it takes to develop a useful prayer life can be simple.

“The goal of this book is for people to grow in their relationship with Jesus to help them lead a victorious life,” added Rogers. “This means growing so that the Holy Spirit is able to perform the miracles through Christians as was done through Jesus.”

“Prayer, Victory, and the Promised Land: A Handbook for the Spiritual Warrior and Anyone Who Wants to Grow in Jesus”
By Dale Rogers
ISBN: 9781489738813 (softcover); 9781489738806 (hardcover); 9781489738820 (electronic)
Available at LifeRich Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author:
Dale Rogers is a teacher and revivalist and has been an elder, served on the church board, taught and preached. He has had his own radio show and is the founder of Power To Excel Ministries. To learn more, please visit

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