EastEnders theory: Mick Carter killed by jealous Janine Butcher in Christmas revenge twist

Walford’s residents tried to warn Mick about Janine (played by Charlie Brooks) before they became an item, but he has remained adamant she’s a good person. Danny announced he was leaving the soap after a decade on EastEnders earlier this year, but details about Mick’s exit have remained under wraps. However, speaking at the British Soap Awards, the actor suggested Mick could meet a dark end which could ensure viewers “never see Mick again”.

When asked about Mick’s exit storyline, Danny replied: “There’s two months left and I didn’t take this decision lightly. I am still in debate how we are going to end, there are still negotiations [over] how I think it should happen, and what the powers at be think should happen.

“It may be that we never see Mick again but it will be an epic ending, I think I want to put a full stop on the job.”

Speaking to The Mirror, he added: “It has been an amazing 10 years that I have had, it is a third of my career but I am ready to move on.”

The timing for Mick’s exit being filmed would tie in well with the soap’s Christmas schedule.

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This suggests fans could see the last of the character this Christmas.

With Danny keen to make Mick’s exit permanent, it’s very likely the fan favourite will be killed off.

The last few months have seen Mick ending his marriage to Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) and starting a relationship with Walford villain Janine.

Linda is currently in hospital in a critical condition after getting into a car accident with Janine, who proceeded to place Linda’s lifeless body into the driver’s seat to frame her for drink-driving.

It will be hard for him to hear and he may doubt Linda at first, but both he and their daughter, Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill), were certain Linda wouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel drunk, especially with her baby daughter Annie in the backseat.

Plus, Janine returned from the scene of the accident to her daughter, Scarlett Butcher (Tabitha Byron), who was the only one to notice she was bleeding from the head.

If Scarlett remembers this, and her mother’s odd behaviour from that night, she could give weight to Linda’s version of events.

A shocked Mick would definitely end things with Janine if he learns the truth.

It’s possible Mick will break up with her in the run-up to Christmas, leaving Janine devastated.

Manipulative Janine always has a plan up her sleeve, though.

Also, she has killed before. She murdered her husband Barry Evans (Shaun Williamson) days after marrying him in 2004.

In a state of rage, could she also kill Mick after he ends their relationship?

Knowing she might be facing jail for manipulating the scene of the accident and framing Linda, she may feel she has nothing to lose.

Her biggest fear seems to be Mick and Linda reuniting, so if this becomes a possibility later in the year, she will do anything she can to stop it.

Could Mick become killer Janine’s next victim? Christmas episodes are always explosive, and with Danny hinting an “epic” ending to the character, it’s very much feasible.

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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