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Kate & William’s latest body language ‘less regal’- ‘distancing from previous generations’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to be moving away from a more “regal” and “traditional” approach of carrying out their roles as royals, according to body language expert Judi James. Yesterday was an example of this as Kate and William attended a service commemorating the 72 people who died from the Grenfell Tower fire five years ago.

Judi told “William and Kate have always been proficient at projecting a caring image but recently there seems to be a subtle – but very focused – PR campaign to get them to step out of the gilded cage of royal life and to move them in the direction of a less regal, less traditionally ostentatious and more empathetic and approachable profile.”

The body language expert noted that even their reported move to Windsor Castle, from their lavish apartment at Kensington Palace, shows that the couple want to appear less regal.

She continued: “Their move to Windsor is said to involve a property that is modest in royal terms and with no live-in staff.

“As an intentional gesture it seems to distance them from previous generations in the Firm and make them more relatable to the public.

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“We’ve seen their children behaving like normal kids during the Jubilee and then we glimpsed William doing a ‘secret’ gig as a Big Issue seller.”

Comparing William’s body language yesterday to when he attended the Order of the Garter the day before, on June 13, Judi said: “William looked his glummest during all the lavish pomp and circumstance of the Garter procession, but here his body language is back on form as he displays skills of concern, caring and sympathy at the Grenfell memorial service.

“He and Kate appear united in this desire to move in a direction that, if not new, is clearly more defined in their minds as the correct path for the future of the monarchy.

“With a recession threatened and the current crisis in people’s bills and finances, it could also be a pro-active move to ensure the survival and popularity of the monarchy.


“Their recent tour might have clarified the idea in their minds after the suggestion that traditional, distanced and superiority signals from royals are a bad and even dangerous fit with the modern world.”

Looking again at Kate and William’s body language at the Grenfell Tower memorial, Judi continued: “Here we can see William and Kate focusing on their body language of listening, empathy and concern.

“Kate often bends right to the ground to greet children and seated guests at their own level, and William was using touch to register a caring approach.

“They both employ more active listening signals than they do projection or talking rituals, suggesting a genuine interest in hearing from the survivors themselves.”

The body language expert added: “William’s steepled brows, his clamped lips and his hand clasp in front of his torso signal shared mourning, but also a lowered-status sympathy.

“Kate’s hand to her chest gesture was repeated frequently as she listened to stories, which also suggested genuine concern and even shock at what she was being told.”

Many attendees yesterday evening wore green to commemorate those who died at Grenfell, but Kate chose white.

She donned a dress she had worn previously at Wimbledon in 2019.

Called the ‘Flippy Wiggle Dress’, it is by London-based designer Suzannah and is still available to buy online, costing a whopping £2,450.

The description for the dress on the website reads: “The original inspiration derives from a late 1940’s Wiggle Dress, which we have re-cut to have it skim over the bodice with a fluid gentle soft movement throughout the skirt, from the hips to the hemline.

“The silhouette is contoured around the waist and front yoke with delicate pin-tucks.

“The dress is designed to be an elegant tea-length featuring beautiful half-length sleeves with a buttoned cuff.

“The contrasting silk covered buttons work from double to single breasted down the centre front for closure.

“The dress comes with a detachable silk crepe belt backed in leather.”

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