10 Green Kitchen Wall Ideas That Are Trendy Yet Timeless

When it comes to colorful kitchen design, blue is often the first hue to come to mind. But take a peek inside the following kitchens, and you’ll see just how timeless green can truly be. Match the green tones in your kitchen to the view of your lawn, or opt for a tone with a more eccentric influence. Whether you draw inspiration from the colors of nature just outside the windows or the key lime pie resting in the fridge, you can push a palette of green in any direction. Depending on the shade, green can be modern or classic, simple or statement-making, neon-bright or totally subdued. Get inspired with these green kitchen ideas that showcase all the best ways to add a little green to your walls, whether in the form of paint, wallpaper, tile, or cabinetry. Alongside some helpful tips and tricks, step inside these Southern kitchens to see just how gorgeous green walls can be.

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