A Tesla Android Update Allows Apple CarPlay To Work On Every Model

The latest update to the Tesla Android Project has brought a ton of new features, as well as Apple CarPlay support for all Tesla models.

The latest update to the Tesla Android Project by developer Michał Gapiński has brought a ton of new features, as well as Apple CarPlay support for all Tesla models. Gapiński first came into prominence earlier this year when he managed to create a hack to run both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on Teslas. While none of the four Tesla models come with native support for either of the two in-car infotainment platforms, Gapiński’s method can add support for both of them, provided that the owners are ready for some DIY action.

Initially showcased in January, the new hack is only meant for the technologically savvy, as it involves the use of additional hardware, including two Raspberry Pi single-board computers, as well as other add-on cards and cables. Gapiński says that the method might eventually be simplified to use just one Raspberry Pi 4 board, but the initial few releases will still use two boards as it makes the development process more manageable.


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In a tweet, Gapiński said that the latest update to the Tesla Android Project brings its version number up to 2022.25.1 and offers “100% functional CarPlay integration for any Tesla.” The new features and improvements include DRM support to run apps like Netflix, as well as an orientation lock that will enable apps like Apple Music to automatically launch in landscape mode. In addition, the latest version of the software is now also based on Android 12.1, which offers better stability.

Apple CarPlay Won’t Come To Tesla Any Time Soon

Tesla running Apple CarPlay
Image Courtesy: Tesla Android Project/Twitter

Tesla owners have been requesting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support for years, but their requests have so far fallen on deaf ears. While Gapiński has finally made it possible to run both the systems in Teslas, it is a complicated process for most users. However, for the select few that can implement the method, it will open up many new possibilities hitherto not available to Tesla owners.

Meanwhile, at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event earlier this month, Apple announced a major update to CarPlay that features deeper integration with a car’s hardware. As part of the plan, CarPlay will be able to securely access and display the speed, fuel level, temperature and other information on the instrument cluster. It will also let users personalize their dashboard with customizable gauge cluster designs and more. The next generation of CarPlay will also enable users to regulate the climate, adjust seating and control the radio from within the CarPlay interface. However, none of those will officially be available in a Tesla any time soon.

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Source: Michał Gapiński/Twitter

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