Nintendo Direct Confirmed & Metroid Prime Remastered May Be Coming Soon

Nintendo Direct Confirmed & Metroid Prime Remastered May Be Coming Soon

A new Nintendo Direct is imminent, and Metroid Prime might be coming to Switch this year? All this andmore on today’s GameSpot News.

For the past few weeks, a Nintendo Direct (*Xenoblade Direct footage on screen* No, not that one) has been rumored to be in the works before the end of June. In the eleventh hour, Nintendo confirmed that a Direct is indeed happening *cheering sound effect* buuuuutttttt *record scratch sound effect ends cheering* that it’s going to be one of its mini presentations exclusively dealing with third party titles. So expect to see some news on titles like Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope rather than the sequel to Breath of the Wild.

Jeff Grubb of GameSpot’s sister site GiantBomb has stated that he has heard Nintendo plans to spread out its Not-E3 presentations over the course of the summer, so even if this Direct doesn’t speak to you, you might not have to wait much longer for one that does.

Speaking of Jeff Grubb and waiting, this year is the 20th anniversary of the beloved Metroid Prime, and it seems that Nintendo might finally be ready to put out a remaster of this classic in time for that celebration. Grubb reports that he has been told “pretty definitively” that the remaster will be one of Nintendo’s big holiday 2022 releases. Grubb also notes that rather than a package of the entire trilogy, this release will only be a remaster of the first Metroid Prime, and while there are plans to eventually rerelease two and three, those titles might not get the same level of overhaul.

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