Saline County Senior Services helps older citizens, and their pets

Rosie Walter, director of the Saline County Department of Senior Services, works with Agnes, an Aussiedoodle who is being trained to be a therapy dog at the senior center. Senior services is using programs involving pets to help older people in the community.

Two programs by the Saline County Department of Senior Services, one that began in August 2020 and another that is hoping to be coming soon, are looking at the importance of pets and animals in the lives of older people in the community.

The first is the Meals on Wheels Healthcare and Food for Pets program, which started delivering food and providing services in April 2021 and currently assists 60 pets from 43 pet owners.

Senior Services realized quickly that something needed to be done when it discovered a particular issue with its Meals on Wheels (M.O.W.) program, some of the customers were sharing their delivered food with their pets.

Rosie Walters, the director of senior services, said volunteers that were delivering meals brought this to her attention.

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